Friday, June 12, 2009

McDonald's Coffee Bar

McDonald’s New Coffee Bar
The coffee business is getting very competitive and attracting many players. McDonalds is no exception. The one close to home has made some major renovations to put in a new coffee bar. They grind the espresso beans on site and it really is good. The cost is reasonable but the atmosphere needs some updating for them to compete with other coffee bars out there. I know some McDonald's have free wifi or a service where you can pay to get on. I couldn’t find it there and had to come home to post this blog. They also had no where I could plug in my computer. If they spend the kind of money they did to attract coffee drinkers and truly want to attract the die hard coffee drinkers like me, they need to make a few more changes. Any way, they do offer a good product. Also, on hot days, their iced coffee is very smooth and good. Yes, it gets hot in Florida.
It would be interesting to hear others comment on McDonald in their town. How do you like the new coffee bar addition?
Johnny Ray
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