Monday, June 22, 2009

Kahwa coffee shop

Drinking coffee at Kahwa

Yes, life is good with the coffee hot and weather fantastic. You have to love a place that serves coffee and concentrates on it and nothing else. This is a long coffee bar with tables inside and out. You can feel comfortable staying for hours or rush in for a quick fix. The wifi is free and no hassle to connect to.

You can also find many patrons at this shop that speak french. If you need to keep your french knowledge intact this can be a good thing. The french also demand a certain way of making coffee and this place tries to please.

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida the shop has many competitors. Yes, this city has 2 or 3 coffee shops per block. Now, you know why I like it here. I know many people love coffee internationally and all are good, but the best cup of coffee is always the one you hold in you hand and is ready to be tasted and smelled. Funny how it works like that.

Johnny Ray

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