Friday, June 5, 2009

Dunkin Donuts visit

I waited with anticipation on the free donuts morning. I enjoyed the walk and the beautiful weather. However, on entering the store everything changed. I had my 10 year old with me and he was looking forward to this time together. The counter girl had an attitude. It's not my fault they are busy, is it? They only wanted to give one free donut. I said, "wait a minute we are both buying a drink," trying to be friendly. Her attitude became worse. I had to cancel the order and re enter two separate orders with her attitude still very unfriendly. They were out of jelly donuts , as if it was my fault again. When we finally received chocolate covered donuts, they were in a bag with no wrapping paper, the chocolate topping smeared on the side of the bag. I ordered an espresso. I'm not sure about everyone, but espresso is served hot, not slightly warm. That is when I noticed they do not have any milk or creme to add to your espresso on the counter. It made the girl upset again that I had to come ask her for some. I finally obtained the help of a manager to ask her to get me some. I received a phone call and the music was so loud I could not even hear above it. I asked for a manager and she never forwarded by message to him. Finally I saw the manager walking through the store and waved him over to me where I explained my experience. After hearing the story, he left to have some words with the counter help. That is the last I heard from them and perhaps the last time they will hear from me. I think he also knew I'm a syndicated travel writer. Knowing that over 10,000,000 readers might be reading about this experience, you would think he would come back to talk to me. And to think, I actually came to this store to give them a very good recommendation.


  1. Ugh- what a horrible way to start your day. I absolutely loathe when things like that happen.


  2. this is why i boycott dunkin, they cannot make a REGULAR cup of coffee, i get attitude when i say no sugar, i tried their latte and it was like swill and i got major attitude when i asked for the cardboard cup sleeve! so therefore, no d&d (fyi this is multiple locations. not just one!)