Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday morning coffee

What is it about Monday mornings and coffee? Just another day--right? Wrong! On Monday the whole week is depending on what you get done--like now. How does work pile up over the weekend? Why do all customers and clients want to be the first in line? Why oh Why?

And on Monday . . . well many people need a holiday to recover from the weekend to begin with. You know what I'm talking about: that nice little bike ride that turned into a marathon, the football game with friends that you thought like you until they smashed you while you were not looking. Or perhaps it was the honey do list that did you in. In any case, it is Monday and time to face the challenges ahead.

And to me the ultimate crime is becoming so busy that the coffee goes cold. There is nothing worst than cold coffee. Especially if there is nothing more available. You could heat it in the microwave, but yuck!

Having a coffee pot next to your desk is a very smart move. Having an espresso machine next to you even better. Yes, working for home is fantastic. I could just imagine having my espresso machine singing as I steam some milk or, for heaven forbid, grind some fresh coffee in an office full of people.

So, let me ask you how many cups do you drink on Monday before you tackle work? What is your favorite Monday brew?


  1. How many cups of coffee does it take to start a Monday morning? Same as every day...3. Love the afternoon latte and evening espresso, too.

  2. I love the smell of coffee... thats whatI drink the smell of is enough to keep me awake...