Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bad Coffee

Sometimes learning to make great coffee is learning how to avoid making bad coffee

For someone that loves coffee the thoughts of drinking bad coffee is not a pleasant thought. It is like a wine lover drinking wine that has turned to vinegar. So, I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion on what makes a bad cup of coffee.
1) bad beans. Coffee beans are grown in many regions and some are worst than others. The picking of the bean at the wrong time can add to it greatly. the way the bean is handled and processed can also add to it as well as the wrong roasting process. Each bean has to be handled differently. But, for the consumer we simply purchased the wrong bean.
2)old beans Yes, beans go bad , especially if it has been stored for a while and is already ground. Usually a good smell will confirm how fresh it is. If bad throw away.
3)Wrong process) If you are using a French press and use the wrong grind, you will definitely know it for example. Or espresso in a drip machine for another example.
4)the coffee machine is not clean. This is so bad it is hard to talk about. Keep the machines clean.
5)coffee left on the stove for ever) Yes, people do this. Check to see when it was made before you pour.
6)Bad water) In some areas of the country the water out of the tap is terrible. It sure does not belong mixing with an eloquent coffee.

I am sure there are many more ways of screwing up God's gift of the perfect cup of coffee. So, the floor, or excuse me the site is open for your comments on how to avoid making bad coffee. Examples you want to share are welcome.

Johnny Ray

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  1. Your blog is super interesting, especially this post. Most people wouldn't know this stuff, you would think. I know I didn't. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to see how my coffee is holding up, if it still smells good and what not, make sure its still fresh, cause I've never been too sure how to check if its still good or not.