Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wings coffee shop and book store

I love to explore new coffee shops. Today I'm at wings on 4th in St. Petersburg, Fl.

This is a very quiet and relaxing place. A great coffee bar offering all that you might want. They have free wifi, which in my case is a must. The book store is small, but focused on inspirational books. The store is stocked with gift items in the spiritual realm. Just a nice place to hang out and write. And, of course drink some great coffee.

I started off with a dark chocolate blend of coffee the girl at the counter talked me into. Now, my next big love after coffee is chocolate--dark chocolate. This coffee is one I can drink a lot of . However, I think their espresso machine is starting to sing my song.

The weather outside is beautiful, but I'm happy sitting here drinking coffee and writing.

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